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Second Humanimal One Health Innovation Challenge launched at IOHC2015

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Second Humanimal One Health Innovation Challenge launched at IOHC2015

18 March 2015

Most innovative One Health solutions are awarded 50.000 Euros.

During the International One Health Congress 2015 in Amsterdam the second Humanimal One Health Innovation Challenge was launched by Humanimal. Humanimal is part of the Flevoland Development Agency which is funded by the province Flevoland.

There are three categories for which ideas or draft business plans can be submitted and there will be a winner in each category, being:

  • Best professionally detailed idea – (Inter)National (prize money €50,000)
  • Best professionally detailed idea – Flevoland (prize money €50,000)
  • Best nascent idea (prize money €20,000)Participants are individuals, i.e. entrepreneurs or employees of knowledge or education institutes, scientists, or university staff in or outside the Netherlands. The only restriction for international parties is that they collaborate with a party who resides in Flevoland, the Netherlands. The organization is willing to help you find a local partner if necessary.The entry should in any case be related to at least one of the following challenge criteria:
    • Feed, food and health
    • Reducing the transmission of infections by micro-organisms
    • Impact of emotions and behaviour on health
    • Biomedical services

Cooperation (multi-disciplinary) of participants with other individuals, existing companies or other challenge organisers is an advantage, especially when there is a certain human and veterinary crossover.

Participating in the HUMANIMAL – One Health Innovation Challenge 2015?
Submit your business plans to or mail your questions to . Or go to the Humanimal website.